China supplier 3 Axles BPW or CZPT Brand 50000liters 50cbm 50m3 Fuel Tank Trailer /Oil Tank Trailer for Sale axle fix cost

Product Description

* ASME standard available *
* 100% new condition by manufacturer direct sale *
* 100% quality guaranteed *

I. Details of  Factory new 3axle oil tank trailer 50000liters 50m3 50cbm Fuel Road Tank Trailer 

Aluminum alloy semi-trailer oil tanker: the framework is made of aluminum alloy, the standard configuration is three-axis steel plate suspension, 13 tons of axle, widened brake pads, 12 pcs tires, a full set of European standards for single warehouse, 28 tons of single acting legs, 90 traction pins,

The tank volume is 45m3 (diesel oil) according to the announced size. The tank is made of aluminum alloy with 6mm thick and 6mm thick water pressure head. Without pump, it is divided into 2 silos. The 2 silos are divided equally. The 2 silos are independent and interconnected by ball valves. It is equipped with 2 European standard filling ports and 2 pneumatic submarine valves (two sets of European standard, 2 lower filling ports, oil and gas recovery, anti overflow probe rod and socket, etc.) with lifting guardrails, The automatic closing system of emergency shut-off valve is standard for other manufacturers.


1. Due to the use of aluminum alloy material, the self weight of aluminum alloy oil tank truck is lighter. Reducing the self weight can increase the payload of the whole vehicle, and the weight of goods transported in a single time is 18% – 35% more than that of carbon steel oil tank truck.

2. The chemical properties of aluminum alloy are stable. The corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy is more than 70% higher than that of ordinary carbon steel. The enhancement of corrosion resistance greatly reduces the relevant maintenance cost of tank body.

3. From the perspective of appearance, the appearance of aluminum alloy oil tank truck is more beautiful, without painting and easy to clean.

4. Service life: the excellent characteristics of aluminum alloy make the service life of aluminum alloy oil tank truck longer. The old aluminum alloy tank body with good maintenance can also be used on the new chassis. Even if the tank body is scrapped, it has high recycling value.

5. Handling: the center of gravity of the aluminum alloy tank car is relatively low, and the braking is easier, which makes the vehicle handling better. The aluminum alloy can also absorb the energy of collision in the accident through effective deformation (the possibility of later repair and recovery is higher), which improves the driving safety.

6. Aluminum alloy is a non combustible material, which is not easy to produce sparks and has lower static electricity accumulation.

Manufacturer: ZheJiang MANTEN AUTOMOBILE CO.,LTD

» II. Petroleum trailer Specification :

                                    Main Dimensions 
Overall Length 12900mm
Overall Width 2500mm
Overall Height 3750mm
Tare Weight Approximate 7300KGS
Loading Capacity 45m3
Filling Weight 36000Kgs
Tank Body
Shape Mono block Cylinder
Total Volume(m3) 45CBM
Tanker Body Material 6mm Aluminum Alloy 5454
End plate 6mm Aluminum Alloy 5454
Lifting Ladder Including Top walkway and backside Aluminum material
No.of Compartment 5
Discharging Pipe 4″rubber hose, 2 pc, 6m long
Accessory Parts
Manhole Model  PPVL820BXB, 20inch, DOT406/20”, 5Units
Weld Collar Model  3176AE 20inch, aluminum material, 5 Units
Emergency Valve Model 5500,  5Units
API Valve Model 5204,  5Units 
API Dust Cap Model 5200-25,  5Units
Vapour Venting Model VR6035SQ, 5Units
Overfill Sensor Model FT101-12, 12”,  5Units
Drop Adaptor Model 4530, 2Units
Air Interlock Model 500AI, 1 Unit
Vapour Valve Model VR4100, 1 Unit
Vapour Cap Model VR4050PL, 1Unit
Socket Model FT300GW,
Air Controllor Model AD14PP5ALFS for 5 compartments
Main Beams Special design I beam, Aluminum Saddle support 7 No’s each side. 
Axle 3 axles
BPW 13 Ton, first axle retractable  Model No HZM13571
Landing Gear JOST brand C200,Two-speed, manual operating, heavy duty landing gear
King Pin JOST brand 2″ bolt-in king pin
Suspension BPW air suspension, Model No HZMSLM12571
Pneumatic Braking System 2 relay valve; T30/30+T30 Spring brake chamber; 45L air tanks.
Wheel rim 11.75-22.5 Tubeless wheel rim 7pcs
Tire 385/65R22.5 Tubeless Radial Tyre 7pcs, Michellin Brand Stainless steel aluminum fenders
ABS System Fitted with 4s/2m Type (WABCO ,Germany brand)
Other Design and parts 1.Vapor recovery system.
2.Dust Board to Cover the Tires
3.Rear and side lights.
4.Rear Ladder to access the top of the tanker.
5.Aluminum Crown to whole length of Tank.
6.Walkway with foldable handrail. (air operated)
7.Tool Box 120cm (Without Tools).
8.Double Spare Tire Carrier (Winch Type).
9.Water tank, European type.  
10.  4 No’s of fire extinguisher holder.
11.  5 No’s of Manhole
12.  Overfill prevention sensor/Overfill prevention socket.
13.  Vapor adapter/Vapor vent valve/API loading and unloading valve
14.  Strobe light
15.  first emergency kit
17.  Stainless steel rear bumper

» III. Product Detailes:


» IV. Petroleum trailer SERIES

» V. Packaging & Shipping:

  • Thick wax polished on products before shipping to protect.
  • Use container, RORO/bulk ship or others as your requirement.
  • We provide transportation insurance to guarantee the new and great condition of products for customers.


ZheJiang MANTEN AUTOMOBILE CO.,LTD  is an authorized special truck manufacturer which has many years in design ,product ,sales and service in special trucks like as boom truck , fire truck, manlift truck, tank truck , garbage truck, tipper truck , wrecker truck , refrigerated truck and etc. Main info as below:

(1) More than 500 workers, large and advanced production; 
(2) 25 professional engineers, can offer the best and cheapest design;
(3) Build strict QC team to guarantee the quality;
(4) 1 year or 30,000km warranty which comes first.
(5) One set of spare parts of chassis provided which will help you save money on maintenance. 
(6) Provide technical support and after serive for life.
(7) Professional sales team which will help you to choose suitable truck.

Welcome to contact with us for more info. We will offer you the best truck as we can .


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After-sales Service: 24hours on-Line Service
Warranty: 12months
Type: Semi-Trailer
Load Capacity: 50T
Certification: ECE, GCC, CE, ISO9001, DOT, CCC, ISO/TS16949
Wheel Base: 6300+1350


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China supplier 3 Axles BPW or CZPT Brand 50000liters 50cbm 50m3 Fuel Tank Trailer /Oil Tank Trailer for Sale   axle fix costChina supplier 3 Axles BPW or CZPT Brand 50000liters 50cbm 50m3 Fuel Tank Trailer /Oil Tank Trailer for Sale   axle fix cost
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